Experiences at Bentota Beach by Cinnamon

Adventure, Gastronomy & Relaxation – the Cinnamon Way.

The best things in life tend to come in threes, like health, wealth and happiness. At Bentota Beach by Cinnamon, we believe the same. This is why we have a special combination of elements that bring you to an island edition of the good life. Engage in sunny adventures, dig into warm dishes and relax to your heart’s content. In other words, welcome to our Cinnamon-spiced paradise.

 Dive headfirst into our bright experiences from the very setting of our resort by the sea and a list of things to do in Bentota that go beyond the standard. Check out some of these ideas and experiences we have in store for you at Bentota Beach by Cinnamon:


  • We provide adventure in big doses here at Bentota Beach by Cinnamon; the Sunshine Water Sports Centre located by the river and next to our sports complex will give you a long list of water sports, snorkeling, diving and sports fishing options to give the ocean buff in you a maximized experience all the way.
  • Our Sports Complex and vast gardens also offer a range of sports from beach volleyball to tennis to darts and more in addition to housing a separate pool and fully equipped gym.
  • Indulge in some local culture by taking day trips to the many historical sites in the area – just talk to our front desk and we’ll organize a special excursion for you.


  • In addition to our excellent dining venues at the resort, we organize special BBQs in our gardens and special gala dinners and brunches so inquire from our reception if you’re around when one of these special dining events occur.
  • We also organize a special bubbly breakfast for two on your private terrace or in our gardens.
  • And if you’re really looking to impress that special someone in your life, hire our Pontoon and head out on the river with a special meal for two and a band to keep you company on your journey.


  • When you want nothing but to be still, Bentota Beach by Cinnamon also houses everything you need to let calm wash over you, like a wave off our shores. Many lounges, alcoves and plush rooms combine to give you all the relaxation you require.
  • And when you need something more, walk over to our spa houses in our sports complex and indulge in a spa treatment for one or two and walk out soothed and completely at one with the nature around you. There’s nothing like a Balinese spa treatment to help you leave the city behind.