Experiences – Things to see in Maldives

Adventure, Gastronomy & Relaxation – The Cinnamon Way!

The best things in life tend to come in threes, like health, wealth and happiness. At Cinnamon Hakuraa Huraa, we believe the same and have a special combination of elements that bring you to an island edition of the good life. Engage in big adventures, dig into succulent food and lounge to your heart’s content. In other words, welcome to our Cinnamon-spiced paradise.

 Dive headfirst into deep blue with the experiences that go beyond your standard list of things to do in the Maldives with some of the ideas and experiences we have in store for you at Cinnamon Hakuraa Huraa Maldives:


  • Chariot rides, Bicycle rides and a guided resort tour are also great ways for a couple to discover our island.
  • Being an island surrounded by vibrant marine life, we offer snorkeling safaris, and scuba diving excursions and dolphin watching. Once you discover the wonders and colours under the ocean, you might not want to come back to land!
  • For the avid sports fisherman or enthusiast, we offer deep sea fishing, sunrise fishing, sunset fishing and big game fishing. Our oceans are teaming with marlin, yellow fin tuna and more for your rod& reel to discover. Fishing gear is provided by the resort.
  • For the lover of water sports, our centre provides a host of activities including jet skiing, catamaran rides, wind surfing, stand up and paddle, canoeing, kayaking and paddle boating.
  • We also offer trips to neighbouring islands allowing you to engage with rural life and to purchase local crafts.
  • Our weekly BoduBeru and traditional Maldivian performances allow guests to immerse in local culture.


  • Our romance-inspiring island offers many private fine-dining and BBQ options across the island made for two. A private chef will prepare your meal right by your table.
  • Our need to be eco-friendlyhas found itself a home in our kitchen too. Our garden office grows much of the island’s own produce for the restaurants within our premises in addition to our bio-gas plants and organic garden.


  • While the entire island is a tranquil place offering relaxation in its very being, we also have some added ways in which you could lounge and unwind.
  • The Chavana Spa, the many lounging spaces and hammocks strewn across the island and the long jetty contribute to this notion.
  • Our rooms also come with special relaxation elements; the sun deck and lounges in our Water Bungalows, and our Beach Bungalows also hold private verandahs and lounges for sitting down and watching the day go by.