What makes Cinnamon Lakeside so special? Well that’s simple – walk in and see for yourself how we’ve put together the perfect escape from the city right in the heart of it. You don’t really need a long list of places to see in Colombo when you can lounge in our city resort and watch it all go by from a perfectly relaxing vantage point.

And inside our resort are a special list of experiences that bring the idea of paradise to life:

  1.  High Tea Stand: We bring a little bit of heaven to the high tea experience by piling up delicious evening tea time snacks in delicate stands for you to enjoy with friends and family
  2. Games on the Go: We have a collection of activities including board and video games for kids and the kids at heart.
  3. Poolside BBQ: Our poolside becomes a festival get-away on weekends as we set up a BBQ open to all guests and anyone wanting a quick family escape
  4. Colombo’s Largest Pool: Most expansive swimming pools sit miles away from Colombo – except for ours that is! It’s large enough to house a special kids play area to one corner and bar at its centre.
  5. Foot Aqua Lounge:We bring the ocean to your feet at our Foot Aqua Lounge located at 7 Degrees North to dip in your feet while your sip on a cocktail.
  6. 365 Cake Collection: Offering specialty cakes, made to order, all year round.
  7. The Festival Spirit – Our resort-like appeal makes Cinnamon Lakeside a great venue for festivals and creativity. The Cinnamon Colomboscope multidisciplinary international festival is a fine example of how aesthetic festivity can come to life at Lakeside.
  8. A Floating Restaurant – 8 Degrees on the Lake is probably the most unique thing about our city resort. This two-storey, floating barge can be hired for private events that take you around the lake as you mingle. 
  9. The Combination Experience – our layered offering allows us to create customized experiences for you, combining luxurious interiors with the tropical outdoors.
  10. Kids Play Area –among our newest additions to the resort experience is a kids play area and great play equipment so the mummies and daddies can have some time off to lounge and unwind nearby as they keep an eye on their kids.  
  11. Party Packages – the poolside’s kids play area and special mobile garden playground come together with great party packages for exciting kids parties all year round.

All things in harmony come in threes from holy trinities to plains of existence and in Sri Lanka, we believe the same. At Cinnamon Lakeside, we have a special combination of elements that bring you to an island edition of Zen. Engage in big adventures, dig into succulent food and lounge to your heart’s content. In other words, welcome to our Cinnamon-spiced paradise.


While there’s an excellent double decker Colombo City Tour, the National Museum and great nightlife venues outside the hotel, within our walls is also a world of adventure. Cinnamon Lakeside Colombo is the only hotel adjoining the Beira Lake, brining nature into all things at the hotel including rare bird watching. If you’re lucky,a giant water monitor lizard too!


Our sister hotels, Cinnamon Grand and Cinnamon Red both offer a vast selection of dining experiences moments away from the Lakeside. From the tallest bar in Colombo to the grandest collection of international gastronomy, the Cinnamon Group has you and your taste buds covered. Within the Lakeside too, we have 10 distinct venues to choose from that you won’t want to eat anywhere else! Royal Thai, Long Feng and the Sushi Bar serve master Far Eastern cuisine, taking your taste buds on a journey to the East.


There’s isn’t a better place to run away from the harshness of the city than in our resort, with its escapist appeal and lust for lounging. Book a treatment at the Azmaara Spa and let a skilled masseuse work all the worries away. Or head down to the swimming pool for a calming lap or two. Relax in the exclusivity of the Library or dip your feet into our aqua pool while you drink the night away.

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