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Boating through Bentara River

Find a river of happiness.

  • Boating through Bentota River – Bentota

Picture gliding on a river in a sleek boat, through lovely mangroves that are abuzz with chirps. Beautiful, isn’t it? A morning safari at the Bentota River rewards you with this very charming experience.

Crocodiles Baby monkeys clinging on to fishermen Estuary

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Fly-fish rides

Soar through an ocean of fun.

  • Fly-fish rides – Cinnamon Bentota Beach

We have a long list of ways to pamper and entertain you. Topping the list is one of the best water sports in Bentota, fly-fish rides which takes you soaring through the ocean. It involves you climbing onto an aerial inflatable water sled, which is towed by a boat. The faster the boat rides, the higher the ride gets.

Thrill Fellow riders

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Wave Runners & Jet Skis

Ride the wave of luxury.

  • Wave Runners - Cinnamon Bentota Beach

While the constantly flowing luxury of our space pampers you, the unstoppable waves of the boundless ocean wait to treat you. Curated right around the property, are the best water sports Bentota has to offer. Specially appointed personal watercrafts; wave runners and jet skis are all yours.

Wave runners Jet Skis

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Rumasalla Mountains

A mountain of faith.

  • Rumasalla Mountains – Rumasalla

Faith can move mountains. That’s quite the case with these mountains. Observe the topography and you’ll connect the dots with a popular folklore. According to it, while Lord Hanuman lifted the part of the mountain that had the medicinal herb, Sanjeevani meant to cure Lord Lakshman, a part fell off, and that it still juts out.

Natural Beauty Buddha statue

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