Signature Dining Experiences


Raalhu Bar

Surf into a beautiful evening.

  • Raalhu Bar – Cinnamon Dhonveli Maldives

This is where the most experienced surfers take a break after a great day in the sea. It provides the best views of Pasta Point’s giant left-handed waves and the surfers riding them back to shore. The relaxed vibe and the finger food make it a perfect place for surfers to hang out together.

Great surfing views Fun Cocktails

  • +960 664-0055

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Of sundowners and romantic dinners.

  • Raiyvilla – Cinnamon Dhonveli Maldives

Here’s where you can sit and watch the sunset over the horizon, as it creates a beautiful medley of colours in the sky. Add to it, the sounds of the ocean, a cup of coffee, a hot snack and a candid conversation with your better half – and there, you have the perfect evening!

Sunset Romantic Dinner

  • +960 664-0055

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Buffet extraordinaire.

  • Rehendhi – Cinnamon Dhonveli Maldives

Reserved exclusively for our overwater suite guests, Rehendhi serves a hedonistic spread of international cuisines. To match the fine tastes of the guests, our bar and cellar stocks a select range wines and spirits too.

Gourmet Buffet Romantic Dinner

  • +960 664-0055

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Enjoy a great view with great food.

  • Maakana – Cinnamon Dhonveli Maldives

This buffet restaurant is named after the grey herons or ‘Maakana’ that glide on the waters around our island. Situated close to the Pasta Point, it serves an action-packed atmosphere with an elaborate international spread of delectable dishes. Note: Maakana Restaurant is exclusively available for guests of the Water Bungalows only.

Live Action Counters

  • +960 664-0055

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Signature Wellness Experiences


Azmaara Spa

Imbibe all the calm.

  • Cinnamon Lodge Habarana – Habarana

The peaceful aura of our sanctuary rests indoors at Azmaara Spa. Housed in a two-storey building, it welcomes you with a serene garden and a warm jaggery-based drink. As you absorb the calm vibe, our team will show you to the treatment room.

Full Body Massage Relaxing Massages Scrubs

  • +94 0662 270 011

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Empowering the body and mind

  • Powered – Cinnamon Red, Colombo

Everything about us is designed to inspire you. So, when it came to your wellbeing, we went the extra mile and built a gym right at the rooftop with spectacular views. Trust the location and our advanced equipments to give you an unparalleled push, followed by an irresistible rush.

Spectacular views

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Swimming Pools

Double the fun!

  • Swimming Pools – Cinnamon Grand, Colombo

Plunge into the relaxed atmosphere that floats around not one, but two of our swimming pools. Feel all your fatigue wash away and a sense of calm take over your senses as you swim a few laps.

  • +94 11 243 7437

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Tennis Court

Are you game for a serve?

  • Tennis Court – Cinnamon Grand, Colombo

We enjoy entertaining your need to unwind, even if it involves you serving us an ace. At our all-weather tennis courts, we mean. Our team of professional markers will play a match or ten with you, in case you’re looking for company.

Professional Markers

  • +94 11249 7498

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Signature Adventure Experiences


Bird and Butterfly Trail

Of birdsongs and kaleidoscopes.

  • Bird and Butterfly Trail – Habarana Village by Cinnamon

The ecosystem around us at Habarana Village was carefully designed to invite nature in all forms. Thankfully, nature responded in a chirpy, colourful pattern. 48 species of birds and 50 different kinds of butterflies flock around in our abode seasonally. So, make the most of it when you’re here. Wake up a little early in the morning and take a walk around our expansive gardens and spot them freely going about their business.

Eagles Kingfishers Brahmani Kite

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Dining in the Dark

Taste thrill at its best.

  • Cinnamon Wild Yala

Here’s a dining experience that makes you live the thrill of the jungle a little more. Set up in the darkest corner of our space, this dinner will test your sense of taste through all the senses except that of sight.

Blind-Dining Wild Boar Elephant

  • +94 472239449

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Sigiriya Rock

Scale the heights of beauty.

  • Sigiriya Rock – Sigiriya.

What was once part of a fortress, centuries ago, today stands tall as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Sigiriya Rock still exudes the same might and power it once held, the heights of which can be felt only after climbing up right to the top. And once you're there, the breathtaking views of the lush green lands sweep you off your feet.

Lush View Frescoes Mirror Wall

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Bundala National Park

Flock to this bird-haven.

  • Bundala National Park

The atmosphere at Bundala National Park is always aflutter with the ceaseless activity of the birds. It is the first wetland to be declared as a Ramsar site in Sri Lanka and a UNESCO designated biosphere reserve.

Bird Watching

  • +94 472239449

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