Experiences at Cinnamon Bey

Adventure, Gastronomy & Relaxation

The best things in life tend to come in threes, like health, wealth and happiness. At Cinnamon Bey Beruwala, we believe the same. This is why we too have a special combination of elements that bring you to an island edition of the good life. Engage in exotic adventures, dig into succulent food and relax to your heart’s content. In other words, welcome to our Cinnamon-spiced paradise.

 Sink your teeth into our Oceanside experiences from the very setting of our resort by the sea and a list of things to do in Beruwala that will go beyond the standard. Check out some of these ideas and experiences we have in store for you at Cinnamon Bey Beruwala:


  • Sunshine Water Sports offers a varied list of water sports from our partners across the island.
  • We’re also pretty close to interesting cultural sites such as the mask museum and the gem market, so make a note to visit if you want to check out how the locals operate. For a bit of natural wonder, visit the nearby turtle hatchery and watch the little hatchlings scurry off into the sea at sunset.
  • We embrace the natural habitats around each of our resorts wholeheartedly, and thanks to Nature Trails we’re able to share their wonders with you. Trained Nature Trails naturalists will guide you through all there is to discover around you.  Talk to us and we’ll create a special excursion for you. Cinnamon Bey Beruwala is closely situated to a local gem market and a traditional mask museum. The Galle Fort – a UNESCO World Heritage Site – is also not too far away.


  • Be your own chef at Rock Salt, where we let you create your own succulent concoctions on a fire-hot lava stone.
  • We have an exotic ice cream emporium located at our main lounge area. Dig into our exotic home-made flavours that combine cones, sundaes, frozen yoghurts and more.
  • Transport your senses and your taste buds on a journey into an Arabian oasis at our Mezz2 Terrace, sipping on spicy drinks and digging into exotic tapas as you watch the sun go down.


  • Drop by at the Azmaara Spa for a rejuvenating treatment or a special couples’ therapy for both of you.
  • We have 3 swimming pools across the vast hotel for guests to have a larger resort experience.
  • We have many lounging spaces across the hotel that might make you want to stop for a moment and sink into a blissful state.