Dining Experiences



Savour a starry Lebanese affair.

  • Mezz2 – Cinnamon Bey Beruwala

Dine under a beautiful night sky with a lovely sea breeze for company. Infused with the delicate aroma of Levantine cuisine, it will transport you to the land of shawarma and manakeesh. You could choose to relish the experience under a marquee for an elevated sense of authenticity.

Restaurant closure notice: Mezz2 will not resume operations until further notice.

Mezze Platter Baklava

  • +94 34 229 7000

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Deluxe Ocean Lounge

Drink an ocean of bliss.

  • Deluxe Ocean Lounge – Cinnamon Bey Beruwala

A beautiful view of the ocean, a sea of delicacies from our sushi bar and a wide range of Vodkas – if this is not bliss, then what is? Sit by, take a few shots or sip on a cocktail of your choice, while the sound of the waves consume you.


  • +94 34 229 7000

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I.C.E. - Snacks and Beverages/ Specialty Ice Creams

Beat the heat.

  • I.C.E. – Cinnamon Bey Beruwala

Exploit the excuse of tropical weather to its best at I.C.E. (Ice-Cream Emporium). Treat your sweet tooth to our home-made ice-creams, sorbets, frozen yoghurt and ice-cream sodas.

Sorbet Ice-Cream Soda

  • +94 34 229 7000

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800 Degrees - Pool Bar for Deluxe Wing Guests and Tandoor Restaurant

Dive into holiday mood.

  • 800 Degrees – Cinnamon Bey Beruwala

Sit by our poolside bar after a few laps have worked an appetite and sip on cool refreshing drinks and savor some hot snacks. After dark, 800 Degrees becomes Tandoor – our Indian restaurant brimming with a delectable array of traditional staple dishes and delicacies from the vast country.

Restaurant closure notice: 800 Degrees will not resume operations until further notice.

Cocktails Iced-tea Indian Cuisine

  • +94 34 229 7000

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Wellness Experiences


Azmaara Spa

Let this holiday soothe you.

  • Cinnamon Bey Beruwala

The vast ocean and the beautiful interiors at Cinnamon Bey Beruwala will please your holiday spirit. As you enjoy the aesthetics around us, make sure you also experience the best Balinese massages and treatments at Azmaara Spa.

Full Body Massage Relaxing Massages Scrubs

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Adventure Experiences


Ambalangoda Mask Factory & Museum

Unmask the island’s beautiful art and culture.

  • Ambalangoda Mask Museum – Main Street, Ambalangoda

Sri Lanka’s traditional art and culture scene brims with uniqueness. Representing it in all authenticity for decades is the Ambalangoda Mask Museum. Enter this haven of ancient culture and you’ll find intriguing masks staring at you.

Workshop Unpainted Masks

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Visit to Bawa Garden

Explore an eternal paradise.

  • Brief Garden – Kalawila Village, Beruwala.

Brief Garden is the masterpiece created by Bevis Bawa, elder brother of the famous Sri Lankan architect, Geoffrey Bawa. Once a rubber plantation that Bevis inherited, today, the splendid garden exudes a warm aesthetically gratifying aura.

Antique Sculptures

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Water Skiing

Glide through the endless.

  • Water skiing – Cinnamon Bey Beruwala

The endless luxury that exudes from every corner of our hotel, is inspired by the river. So, why not experience it at its origin? Glide through the ceaseless sea by water skiing, and you’ll know what compels us to have such high standards.

Thrill Ocean blues

  • +94 34 229 7000

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Disco Donut Rides

Whirl through the ocean.

  • Disco donut rides – Cinnamon Bey Beruwala

As you might have guessed already, we’ve got an ocean full of fun for you, so you’ll always know what to do in Bentota. From rides that make your excitement peak, to those which make you whirl with joy. The disco donut rides can be listed under the latter.

Thrill Fellow riders

  • +94 34 229 7000

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