Habarana Village by Cinnamon, Sigiriya

Stay at our 4 star luxury hotel

Bordering a glassy lake in the bushes of the north central province is where you will find Village by Cinnamon which is an outstanding Sigiriya hotel to be staying at. This resort – a full 176km from Colombo – has an otherworldly feeling with its quiet ambiance and its dalliance with nature. Monkeys skip playfully through the grass, unfazed by human presence, and the chirping of birds will create a tranquil soundtrack to your stay here.

If you travel to our Habarana hotel by day, you may have already spotted a monkey or two in the trees, or an elephant by the roadside munching on leaves. This is no exaggeration; this is Habarana. The city is located in the Anuradhapura District of Sri Lanka, and is in close proximity to a number of cultural attractions and places of interest for nature lovers. Minneriya National Park is a mere 20-minute jeep ride away, and is occasionally home to a huge number of elephants who visit the lake during the dry season (June – August). It is also quite close to the ancient rock fortress and palace ruins of Sigiriya, along with other awe-inspiring sights.

Quiet, winding paths lead through the trees to each cottage-style room at our Green Globe certified resort. You will find both superior and deluxe rooms here, along with two strikingly lavish private lodges – the one by the lake rumoured to have been built for a VIP. There is a centrally located pool in the main area of the resort, and tennis and squash courts to keep you active.

You won’t find music piped through a PA system at Village by Cinnamon. The sounds of nature prevail here, with a soulful traditional flute serenading you during breakfast. The food available here at both the El Hena and Panthaalya restaurants is wholesome and delicious, with fresh veggies gathered from neighbouring villages. The resort’s philosophy is all about sustaining life, living in harmony, and enriching its surroundings.


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