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We cherish the time you spend with us. So, when you’re here for a break, for work, or for a celebration, your comfort becomes our priority. From the moment you check in, to every experience you have, our ambience and service blend in perfect harmony, creating a string of memorable moments for you.

Kingfisher Lodge

Experience simple joys, in an unforgettable setting.

Average Size 875 SQ. FT.

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Eagle Lodge

Unwind and entertain by the lake.

Average Size1125 SQ. FT.

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Deluxe Room

Soak in the quietude.

Average Size520 SQ. FT.

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Superior Rooms

Taste the candidness of village life.

Average Size320 SQ. FT.

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Ah you hear that, it’s the rustling leaves and sunshiny chirps calling you!

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