Dining Experiences


Fuze - Lounge Bar

Full of holiday spirit!

  • Fuze – Lounge Bar, Cinnamon Bentota Beach

Indulge in the holiday spirit that lets you create life’s best moments. Catch up with your tribe over a few drinks and mouthwatering dishes at our lounge bar, Fuze.

Cocktails Mocktails Snacks

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Drench - Pool Bar

Dip. Sip. Repeat.

  • Pool Bar – Contemporary Chic Pool Bar, Cinnamon Bentota Beach

Don’t know whether to drink or swim? Soak up the good life – you’re on holiday! Paddle up to this pool bar and order yourself the ideal cocktail to sip away the sunset with.

Signature Cocktails Snacks

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Sea Meats Spice

To a sea of hunger!

  • Sea Meats Spice – Cinnamon Bentota Beach

It doesn’t get much fresher than the fare at Sea Meats Spice. This special seafood restaurant serves up the juiciest fish, mussels and crustaceans that will delight even the most discerning seafood buff. Wash it down with a dose of our local coconut arrack.


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Wellness Experiences


Spa Ceylon Luxury Ayurveda

Rejuvenate your mind, body and soul

  • Spa Ceylon Luxury Ayurveda – Cinnamon Bentota Beach

Indulge in luxurious Ayurvedic rituals at Spa Ceylon Ayurveda at Cinnamon Beach Bentota. The soothing aroma of organic oils and balms welcomes you to a journey of the senses.

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Adventure Experiences


Lunuganga Estate

Walk into a legendary abode.

  • Lunuganga – Kalawila Village, Beruwala

Isn’t it fascinating to visit a legend’s home? To step into the space where they once breathed, whipped up ideas and created masterpieces? Here’s your chance to walk into such a space; Lunuganga Estate, the country home of the renowned Sri Lankan architect Geoffrey Bawa.

Antique Sculptures Lake-View

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Galle City Tour

Glide through the endless.

  • Galle Fort

Come with us to the historic port city of Galle.

Dutch History

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Cinnamon Peeling & Toddy Tapping experience

  • Cinnamon Peeling & Toddy Tapping experience - Cinnamon Bentota Beach

Cinnamon is endemic to Sri Lanka and it was discovered in our island by the Portuguese. Over time, cinnamon cultivation and export became one of our prime assets as Sri Lanka produces 90% of the world’s supply of true cinnamon.

Cinnamon Peeling Toddy Tapping

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Water Skiing

Glide through the endless.

  • Water skiing – Cinnamon Bentota Beach

The endless luxury that exudes from every corner of our hotel, is inspired by the river. So, why not experience it at its origin? Glide through the ceaseless sea by water skiing, and you’ll know what compels us to have such high standards.

Thrill Ocean blues

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