Signature Dining Experiences


Fuze - Lounge Bar

Full of holiday spirit!

  • Fuze – Cinnamon Bentota Beach

Indulge the holiday spirit that lets you create life’s best moments. Even if it’s only catching up with your tribe over a few drinks. Even if, that’s after spending an entire day with the same folks. For this important highlight of your vacation, we house two experiences - one, ‘Drench’, the most stylish swim-up pool bar Bentota has, and two, ‘Fuze’, our lounge bar, that serves the most fun molecular cocktails.

Cocktails Snacks

  • +94 34 229 7000

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Drench - Pool Bar

Dip. Sip. Repeat.

  • Pool Bar – Cinnamon Bentota Beach

It’s interesting how being in the pool becomes much more enjoyable with a drink in the hand. That’s why, the most stylish swim-up pool bar Bentota has, makes sure you don’t waste time getting out of the pool to get one. So, order a cocktail to sip on while you take another lap and soak in the good life. After all, you’re on holiday!

Signature Cocktails Snacks

  • +94 34 229 7000

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Sea Meats Spice

To a sea of hunger!

  • Sea Meats Spice – Cinnamon Bentota Beach

Our location is bound to tempt you with an exhaustive list of activities. So, we foresee your sea of hunger to take over every once in a while. For such times, our seafood restaurant will be at your rescue. This is the only time you’ll go ‘Oh fish!’ and not be disappointed.


  • +94 34 229 7000

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Signature Wellness Experiences


Spa Ceylon

Let a wave of calm take over your senses

  • Spa Ceylon – Cinnamon Bentota Beach

When a holiday transcends all ideas of luxury, it’s only fair you soak up all the infinite bliss it can offer. And, an experience at our specially designed, in-house Spa Ceylon is just perfect for the same. Trust the finest oils, creams and scrubs to be used by the most skilled experts to relieve your every tired muscle.

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Signature Adventure Experiences


Water skiing

Glide through the endless.

  • Water skiing – Cinnamon Bentota Beach

The endless luxury that exudes from every corner of our hotel, is inspired by the river. So, why not experience it at its origin? Glide through the ceaseless sea by water skiing, and you’ll know what compels us to have such high standards.

Thrill Ocean blues

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Experience an ocean of highs.

  • Flyboarding – Cinnamon Bentota Beach

The ocean around us offers endless opportunities to enjoy all kinds of water sports Bentota has on offer. One of them most exciting ways to do that is, flyboarding. Experience the highs of the ocean as this sport allows you to make dolphin-like maneuvers and dive under water from a great height.

Thrill Ocean blues

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Double Kayaks

Paddle through bliss.

  • Double kayaks – Cinnamon Bentota Beach

How about paddling into an ocean of blissful fun with your favourite person for company? Sounds lovely, right? So, hop onto our double kayaks and enjoy a lovely blend of tranquility and rush. This is one of the best ways to experience the water sports Bentota offers.

Thrill Natural beauty

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Disco donut rides

Whirl through the ocean.

  • Disco donut rides – Cinnamon Bentota Beach

As you might have guessed already, we’ve got an ocean full of fun for you, so you’ll always know what to do in Bentota. From rides that make your excitement peak, to those which make you whirl with joy. The disco donut rides can be listed under the latter.

Thrill Fellow riders

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