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We cherish the time you spend with us. So, when you’re here for a break, for work, or for a celebration, your comfort becomes our priority. From the moment you check in, to every experience you have, our ambience and service blend in perfect harmony, creating a string of memorable moments for you.

Overwater Suite

Feel romance take over in every sense | Ocean View

Feel an irrepressible wave of romance take over as you spend time with the love of your life in our over-water suite.

Average Size95m²

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Junior Beach Suite

Inspired by the beach front and offering breath-taking views of the sea and land, the spacious ‘Junior Beach Suite’ provides optimal comfort the essence of inspired living with a touch of elegance.

Average Size95m²

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Beach Suite with Pool

Beach View

An exclusive beach-stay with ample privacy and stylish comfort awaits you at our modern Beach Suite which has its very own plunge pool.

Average Size170m²

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Duplex Garden Bungalow

Surf in comfort | Partial Ocean View

Our Duplex Garden Bungalows are a hop, skip and jump away from the surfing point. That’s exactly the reason why most surfers choose to stay in these bungalows and end up bonding with each other, sharing their sea adventures.

Average Size55m²

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Water Bungalows

Dip your soul into all that’s pristine | Sea View

Standing on stilts, in the lovely waters of the Maldives, our Water Bungalows are what every dream holiday is made of.

Average Size63m²

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Beach Bungalows

Immerse yourself in family time | Beach View

Revel in the company of those whose love for you is as boundless as the ocean. Sit back and catch up with your family while absorbing the tranquil atmosphere and picturesque views from our Beach Bungalow.

Average Size59m²

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Superior Room - Ocean View

Enjoy a perfect family holiday | Sea View

Our Superior Ocean View rooms are spacious enough to accommodate a family of three.

Average Size59m²

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Ah you hear that, it’s the gushing waves and the swaying palm trees calling you!

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