Dining Experiences


Peacock Bar

Enjoy a bird’s eye view of the wild.

  • Peacock Bar- Cinnamon Wild Yala

What is it like to be a part of the wild and still get a good view of it from the outside? Climb up onto our alfresco rooftop bar and experience it yourself! With panoramic views of the wilderness, ocean and lagoon that surround you, this is your best vantage point.

Rooftop Observation Deck Pub

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Enjoy a buffet as diverse as the wildlife.

  • Tuskers - Cinnamon Wild Yala

Everything about us at Cinnamon Wild Yala takes after our surroundings. The food we serve at our buffet restaurant is as elaborate as the wildlife around us. Located on the first floor, it is high enough to meet the gaze of a tusker as it passes by.

Desserts Live Action Counters

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Clink to the growls!

  • Pugmarks - Cinnamon Wild Yala

When you’re with us, you are in for a lot of grunting and growling. In fact, it is what brings you to us. So, after an exciting day in the jungles, come back and celebrate with a refreshing drink at our semi-alfresco bar, Pugmarks.

Cocktails Main Bar

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Wellness Experiences


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Adventure Experiences


The Great Basses Reef Lighthouse

Experience the thrill of the wild.

  • Sri Lanka's Southern Coast

Step into the realm of the Great Basses Reef Lighthouse on Sri Lanka's southern coast, a historic marvel soaring to a majestic height of 34 meters, built in 1873. Explore the depths of the ocean that embraces the treasures of the Mughal empire and lost ships, and where history and mysteries are revealed.

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AV Room

Capture it all!

  • AV Room- Cinnamon Wild Yala

Sit back and enjoy mind-blowing wildlife content at our AV room. Enjoy the air-conditioned comfort with artistic pictures of wildlife all around you as you watch your favorite movie or documentary with friends and other wildlife enthusiasts.

Photography Instagram Cinematic Experience

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Yala National Park Safari

Experience the thrill of the wild.

  • Yala National Park

Welcome to the Yala National Park, a rather arid land with the highest density of leopards in the world! While the elusive cat is the star here, 215 species of birds and over 44 diverse mammals call this expansive space of wonder their home.

Leopards Elephants Wild Boar

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Champagne Breakfast

Wake up and celebrate!

  • Cinnamon Wild Yala

There is nothing that will jump-start your morning like sipping champagne whilst savoring some delicious and elaborately set up food, all while gazing into the wilderness before you. Whether it’s an anniversary, a birthday or just another day, raise a toast to togetherness forever!

Romantic Breakfast

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