Carbon Footprint Reduction

Our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint involves ramping up energy efficiency measures. We've already made significant changes such as replacing all filament bulbs with LED lighting, installing inverter air conditioners, and implementing sensor-based lighting systems. Many of our hotels and resorts are intelligently designed to maximise natural lighting and ventilation, minimising electricity usage. Additionally, we actively engage our guests in energy-saving practices through gentle reminders in common areas.

Our properties are all ISO 14001:2015, ISO 22000, and ISO 45001 certified. Cinnamon Bentota Beach and Cinnamon Bey Beruwala have also earned LEED certifications, with a Platinum and Gold status, respectively.

All our hotels and resorts hold the prestigious Travelife Gold Certification, which encompasses sustainability across various aspects including emissions, biodiversity, human rights, fair labour practices, child safeguarding, and animal welfare.


Powered by the Sun

Reducing our reliance on fossil fuels is paramount in combating rising global temperatures. We've initiated rooftop solar installations in three Cinnamon Maldives Resorts and five Cinnamon Sri Lanka Resorts, primarily for tasks like water heating. Our aim is to steadily increase our usage of renewable energy sources, leading to an overall reduction in emission levels.