Water for a Purer Future

Cinnamon Grand Colombo and Cinnamon Bentota Beach, in collaboration with NORDAQ, introduced on-site filtered and bottled water - a first in Sri Lanka. This innovative initiative marks a significant stride towards our goal of eliminating single-use guest-facing plastics by 2030, preventing over 300,000 PET bottles from entering landfills each year. Our bottles are crafted from 80% recycled glass, with 100% recycled content in the aluminium caps.


Advocacy for a Purer Future

Simple yet impactful changes have paved our path towards sustainability. Transitioning to glass water bottles, cloth wristbands, personalised reusable water canisters, ceramic ramekins and glass jars to replace condiment sachets, installing water filling stations, using wooden cutlery, cloth laundry bags, and ceramic dispensers for bathroom amenities are just a few examples of the steps we've taken. We're now scrutinising other single-use plastic items, including those used behind the scenes in our operations.

Our commitment extends beyond our hotels and resorts as we’ve partnered with Plasticycle to conduct awareness sessions. These sessions aim to cultivate advocates who champion plastic minimisation efforts, oversee proper disposal procedures, and serve as educators within their communities.