Water Recycling, Harvesting and Saving

Our commitment to water conservation extends to extensive water recycling efforts. Across the majority of our hotels and resorts, we've implemented rainwater harvesting systems. Our garden watering policy ensures that recycled water is optimally utilised. To bolster awareness, we conduct regular sessions for our colleagues, and initiatives like water-saving tent cards and towel reuse cards encourage guests to join us in our efforts.

Furthermore, we adhere to strict standards regarding treated wastewater. All wastewater undergoes rigorous testing in our sewage treatment plants, with aerobic and anaerobic facilities ensuring its quality. During the dry season, we contribute back to the environment by releasing treated water into various our man-made tank at Yala and a natural lagoon at Trincomalee. This not only replenishes groundwater but also aids wildlife, as evidenced by the numerous wildlife sightings at these watering holes, providing essential relief during the harsh dry heat. Thus, our staff maintains a vigilant watch to ensure the safety of the treated water for all.