Terms & Conditions

  • Rate comparison should be done within 24 hours from the time of making the reservation on cinnamonhotels.com and at least 96 hours before the standard check-in time at the applicable hotel to qualify for the best rate guarantee rewards.
  • Only one (1) claim can be submitted per reservation.
  • Claim rewards will be applicable for up to three (3) guest rooms.
  • Rate comparisons will be made net of any taxes, gratuities, or any other fees associated with the room rate, and the comparison rate must still be available and accessible by the Best Rate Guarantee agent processing the claim at the time Cinnamon validates the claim. A claim may be invalidated with any changes made to the reservation after the Cinnamon approval, including name changes. This may result in a change in rate or cancellation of the reservation.
  • Please note that the claim would not be valid, if the lowest rate located on a third-party platform is the same as the brand site (www.cinnamonhotels.com).
  • The rates applicable at www.cinnamonhotels.com will be applicable for this program. Certain rates do not apply to the guarantee. For example, a comparison rate does not qualify if it is not publicly available, such as negotiated corporate rates, senior or group rates, or rates available through paid memberships (i.e.: AAA), rates negotiated for extended stays, rates that have different rules such as cancellation or refund policies, or rates that include differing guaranteed custom room options.
  • We do not accept package rates that include a combination of a room and travel, airfare, cruise, transfers, etc.; we cannot guarantee that room plus other components or amenities such as non-breakfast meals, tickets etc., can be applied to the reservation.
  • Rates on auction websites, on sites that do not disclose the hotel brand until the reservation is completed or that require a login or specific credit card to view or book, or on sites that don’t provide an immediate confirmation (e.g., an “on request” rate) are not accepted.
  • Cinnamon may deny claims where the difference between the comparison rate and the Cinnamon rate is less than $1. Rate disparities primarily attributable to fluctuations and/or differences in currency exchange rates are excluded from the guarantee.
  • Cinnamon is not responsible for any fees or other costs incurred due to the cancellation of a reservation.
  • Cinnamon reserves the right to deny a claim, if it cannot independently verify the availability of a comparison rate at the time it processes the claim. Screen images of comparison offers will be used to assist with claim review procedures but will not be accepted as validation of a comparison offer.
  • When multiple rates for the same hotel, reservation dates, and room type are available through a Cinnamon online channel you must reserve the lowest rate for that room type to be eligible for the guarantee.
  • Cinnamon may deny claims if it believes this guarantee is being intentionally abused or manipulated to circumvent its intent.
  • Cinnamon reserves the right to modify or cancel the guarantee at any time without prior notice. Cinnamon reserves the right to cancel any previously approved claim if it finds that the guest violated or circumvented these terms and conditions and to cancel and reject any other and future Best Rate Guarantee claims from any such guest. In such an event, the guest will remain bound to the terms of any bookings made on any channel, including cancellation terms.


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