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Of great feats and grand feasts.

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All the glory you’ve achieved calls for a celebration, marked by the most sumptuous food and the best of spirits. So, wine, dine and unwind at our restaurants, cafes and bars with your team and savour that sweet success. A plush ambience, an elaborate spread of international cuisines and the best service are all yours for the taking.

Soak it all in.


The Lagoon

If you’ve been fishing for unfiltered happiness, our seafood restaurant, The Lagoon, is where you’ll definitely find it, which takes after the lively atmosphere at seafood markets. We lay out the freshest catch of the day, so you can pick your favourite, and ask our chefs to prepare it in a sauce or curry of your choice.

Where: Lagoon – Cinnamon Grand, Colombo.

The London Grill

Does your taste for the finer things in life include dinner with a cloche service and a vintage from the master cellar’s list? If that reminds you of a meal you enjoyed just a few weeks ago in another city, let us introduce you to Colombo’s oldest fine-dining restaurant, The London Grill. Its sophistication will leave an aftertaste so warm, you’d not want to dine at another place that even promises to be this fine.

Where: The London Grill – Cinnamon Grand, Colombo.


Nuga Gama

When was the last time you had a soul-pleasing experience without the layers of worldliness? Well, here’s the opportunity to savour it for a lifetime. Come, visit Nuga Gama, a rustic haven in the middle of an urban atmosphere, serving delicious traditional Sri Lankan food cooked by local ammes and a unique village experience.

Where: Nuga Gama – Cinnamon Grand, Colombo

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