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There’s a different charm about dining and chilling around the deep blue sea. Our buffet restaurant, seafood restaurant and semi alfresco bar carries the relaxed ambience that the sea breeze brings along. The delicious food and the heady cocktails will make you feel a shade of blue that’s nothing but pleasant.

Soak it all in.


The Crab

With a semi-alfresco setting by the beach, this seafood restaurant creates a tropical dining experience with a buffet spread that mirrors the ocean's bounty. Moreover, you can catch your own fish from the sea and ask our chefs to prepare it the next day.

Where: The Crab- Trinco Blu By Cinnamon

Captain's Deck

Welcome aboard the Caption’s Deck, a dining haven with a maritime-inspired ambience.

Where: Captain’s Deck – Trinco Blu by Cinnamon


Rum Hold

Overlooking the pool, this laid-back and semi-open bar perfectly complements the outdoor surroundings and the beach near it. Enjoy refreshing drinks and delicious snacks to unwind and relax after a day filled with ocean or land adventures.

Where: Rum Hold Bar – Trinco Blu by Cinnamon

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