Welcome back to the Maldives!

As the world begins to travel again, stay updated with the current travel and safety measures in the country.

The island nation has received the Safe Travel Stamp from the World Travel & Tourism Council, to ensure a safe stay during your visit!

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FAQs – Visiting Maldives

Can I travel to Maldives?


Yes, international travellers are permitted to travel to Maldives.

What countries are permitted to travel to Maldives?


There will be no restrictions on any nationalities traveling to Maldives. All travellers will be required to present a prior confirmation at a registered tourist facility. Should travellers require to travel between islands, approval from the Ministry of Tourism should be obtained in advance.

Are the airports open?


Yes. The airports in the Maldives reopened on 15th July 2020. International travellers travelling to Maldives will be provided a free 30-day tourist visa on arrival.

Do I need visa to travel to Maldives now?


No, by default tourists travelling to the Maldives will be provided a free 30-day tourist visa on arrival.

Tourist visa extensions are to be made available to long stay travellers, and travelers who may require visa extensions due to quarantine measures without any further fees. Additionally, travellers must provide emergency contact information during the visa issuance process.

Do I need to show my medical history before travelling to Maldives?


Every arriving passenger should submit a self-declarative health form, 24 hours prior to arrival. This health declaration form must be filled and submitted electronically via the online portal of Maldives Immigration https://imuga.immigration.gov.mv/ethd/create

All travellers should submit a negative PCR test result for COVID-19 upon arrival. The said PCR test should be taken within 96 hours prior to departure to Maldives. If a traveller presents symptoms of COVID-19 upon arrival, he/she will be subjected to a PCR test at the traveller’s cost. Additionally, local health authorities may conduct random testing, at no cost to travellers

What precautions should I take when travelling from a country affected by COVID-19?


Travellers will be required to state all necessary information upon arrival at the airport when submitting the Health Declaration Form. Additionally, travellers must be aware of traveling protocols from the travel origin country/region.

What are the airlines that travel to Maldives right now?


All airlines permitted to operate flights to Maldives are listed below:

Emirates, Sri Lankan Airlines, Saudia, Qatar Airways, Cathay Pacific, China Eastern, Turkish Airlines, Air India, China Southern, Singapore Airlines, Aeroflot, Korean Air, Etihad Airways and Thai Airways.

What safety measures are imposed by airlines when travelling?


All airlines will have their own health and safety precautions and guidelines for passengers. However, when arriving in the Maldives, travellers will be required to submit the health declaration form.

What safety measures are in place at the airport?


Upon arrival all tourists will undergo temperature checks and screening measures and special attention will be paid to individuals exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms. This is including, but not limited to, cough, runny nose or shortness of breath.

Those exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms on arrival must undergo a PCR test. If one member of a group traveling together displays symptoms, all members of the group will be tested.

All visitors to the Maldives are encouraged to install the contact tracing application ‘Trace Ekee’ upon or before arrival into the country.

Do I need to be in quarantine?


If any tourist is tested positive for COVID-19, he/she will be required to be transferred to a government run quarantine center and will be charged accordingly.

How long will I be quarantine?


This will be subject to the traveller’s medical condition. In the event a traveller is detected with symptoms at the airport, 14 days will be applicable until a negative test result is indicated.

How can I travel to my hotel/travel facility?


Airport transfers will only be allowed through pick-ups by pre-booked hotel/travel facility arrangement. Private transfer arrangements are not permitted due to safety measures imposed.

Travellers are advised to wear a mask before boarding any form of transportation while maintaining adequate physical distancing at all times.

How can I make arrangements for a tour?


Arrangements for tours and excursions can be made at the travel facility/hotel directly. Common excursions, diving and water sports are available to be availed by guests. However, visiting local Islands and Island-Hopping are prohibited due to health and safety measures.

Where can I purchase face masks and other personal protective equipment (PPE) if necessary?


Tourists traveling to Maldives should wear a mask upon arrival and are suggested to bring an adequate number of masks and PPE required for the duration of the stay.

What procedures will be followed if I showcase any symptoms?


If symptoms are indicated, the Resorts Doctor of the respective travel facility will evaluate the tourist for COVID-19 symptoms. Based on the outcome, the Resort Doctor will then proceed with HPA protocol, of isolation and the requirement for a PCR test (results would take approximately 48 hours).

In the event the result is negative, the traveller will not require to be in isolation, however, will be required to wear a mask at all times.

In the event the result is positive, the traveller will remain in isolation. A second test will be conducted within three days; if a positive result is shown the tourist will then be transferred to a government facility, for which the cost will be borne by the traveler.

Who do I contact if I see any safety measures not being followed?


While at the hotel/travel facility, this concern can be raised to Safety Focal Point/Reception

Departure from Maldives

Are travellers departing from Maldives have to do a COVID-19 test?


It is not mandated by the Maldives authorities to do a COVID-19 test. However, there may be specific departure requirements from country of origin or airline. It is recommended to verify such details prior to travelling.

Will the Resort facilitate PCR testing while at the resort?


Yes, the Resort Team can assist with the coordination of PCR testing at the property. The traveller will be required to inform the Resort Team 48 hours in advance. This is to ensure all guidelines and protocols are followed, when conducting the test. This can be facilitated by the Resort doctor if necessary. Costs implications for PCR testing will have to borne by the traveller.

What is the time duration to receive the test results?


The test results will take up to 72 hours to be given to the traveller.

Will the traveller be given the option to transit and stay closer to the airport to get the PCR test?


The Resort Team will assist to coordinate with the Health Protection Agency (HPA) for any transit requirements. The HPA will provide the traveller with suitable and recommended transit hotels with all health and safety measures in place. The traveller will be required to bear any additional costs implicated.

What is the process for a traveller if the PCR test result is positive?


The HPA will notify test result to the doctor/healthcare professional or the focal point at the Resort. Once communicated to the traveller/patient, the guest will be requested to remain in isolation in a designated area at the Resort or recommended isolation facility. The HPA will simultaneously inform the Clinical Management Advisory Team (CMAT) and Ministry of Tourism.

What is the process for a traveller if the PCR test result is inconclusive?


An inconclusive PCR test result is a rare occurrence. However, if the event is to occur, the healthcare professionals will keep the traveller and Resort Team informed. A repeat test will be conducted, and the results will be shared accordingly.


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