Dine with Us

Go on a culinary journey at Cinnamon Grand Colombo with diverse dining options that cater to every craving and occasion. From all-you-can-eat buffets featuring global cuisine to dining experiences, our restaurants provide a delightful array for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


Breeze Bar

Lively Poolside Dining

  • Breeze Bar – Cinnamon Grand, Colombo.

Sit back and wind down at our poolside bar for a fun evening or a laid-back afternoon. Sip on some heady concoctions and make the most of the carefree vibe that surrounds you.

Tapas Platter Table Barbeque

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Signature Southeast Asian and fusion meals.

  • Noodles - Cinnamon Grand, Colombo.

Serving as a bridge between our island and Southeast Asia, our local chefs team up with our Master Vietnamese Chef to toss up a fantastic meal for you. Drop by for an incredible lunch or dinner and enjoy the harmonious fusion in its aromas, flavours and warmth.

Wonton Soup Mee Goreng

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Tea Lounge

Savour artisan tea during the day and the vibrant bar at night.

  • Tea Lounge – Cinnamon Grand, Colombo.

Embrace the island's deep-rooted passion for tea and life's other pleasures at our Tea Lounge. Indulge in a delightful selection of teas, delectable savouries, and enticing desserts that are available all day, as a talented pianist fills the air with ambient music. At night, the lounge transforms into a captivating whiskey lounge, shifting moods in sync with you.

Walter’s Bay Designer Tea Single Malt Scones Canapés

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Cheers Pub

A good ol’ English sports bar.

  • Cheers Pub – Cinnamon Grand, Colombo.

A traditional British pub, with wooden interiors, and bar tables placed a few feet from dinner tables, to match a high-intensity match being screened live. It’s the only place where friends get divided into teams and still drink to it – cheers!

British Butty Pub Burger

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Experience Life With Us

Explore the city of Colombo with its rich colonial history, cultural heritage and diverse community. From shopping centres to religious sites, each tour is a day you will want to recount again.


NIJA Luxury Wellness

To relax, rejuvenate, and rediscover.

  • NIJA Luxury Wellness – Cinnamon Grand, Colombo

Rediscover your inner harmony and revitalise your mind, body, and spirit at our luxurious spa. Experience a blissful retreat within our urban oasis, dedicated to your well-being and rejuvenation.

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Swimming Pools

Two refreshing pools to feel your fatigue drift away.

  • Swimming Pools – Cinnamon Grand, Colombo

Plunge into the relaxed atmosphere that floats around not one, but two of our swimming pools. Feel all your fatigue wash away and a sense of calm take over your senses as you swim a few laps.

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Two fully-equipped gyms to keep your workout routine undisturbed.

  • Gymnasium – Cinnamon Grand, Colombo

Our two gymnasiums ensure that your busy routine doesn’t break your health routine. Book a slot and the state-of-the-art equipment will allow you to get those reps in without fail.

Personal Training Aerobics

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Experience Life With Us

Explore the city of Colombo with its rich colonial history, cultural heritage and diverse community. From shopping centres to religious sites, each tour is a day you will want to recount again.


Colombo National Museum

Unveil the treasures of ancient Sri Lankan history.

  • Colombo National Museum – Colombo, 00700.

Housed within a magnificent colonial mansion, surrounded by lush lawns, this treasure trove of history takes you on a journey through time. Take your time and explore the diverse exhibits showcasing the architectural marvels, captivating history, and exquisite art of this great island nation.

Architecture History Art

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Crescat Shopping Center

A little retail therapy within easy reach.

  • Crescat Shopping Center – Cinnamon Grand, Colombo

Enjoy the endless possibilities as you explore the retail boutiques, savour a delightful meal at a restaurant, and conveniently access the supermarket for all your needs. Make the most of your stay at Cinnamon Grand with an all-under-one-roof retail experience.

Supermarket Bistro Boutiques

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Old Parliament

Capture the essence of colonial history.

  • Old Parliament – Colombo

Go on a walk inside this architectural masterpiece, adorned in Neo-Baroque style, which offers a glimpse into the colonial history of Sri Lanka. Surrounded by a serene garden adorned with bronze statues of prominent politicians, this picturesque setting exudes warmth and old-world elegance.

Bronze statues

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Take back a piece of Sri Lanka.

Don’t we always take back memories from a trip? Well, Laksala just gives them a physical form in all authenticity. A state-run souvenir boutique, Laksala houses an eclectic mix of all things Sri Lanka - tea and spices, colourful batik wear, and an elaborate collection of arts, crafts, gems and jewellery.

Traditional Masks Ceylon Tea Gemstones Batikwear

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