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We cherish the time you spend with us. So, when you’re here for a break, for work, or for a celebration, your comfort becomes our priority. From the moment you check in, to every experience you have, our ambience and service blend in perfect harmony, creating a string of memorable moments for you.

Beach Bungalow

Dip your soul into all that's pristine | Lagoon View

The comforts of our Beach Bungalows and their secluded inland location allows you to view the beautiful ocean ahead from the cooling shades of our thick foliage.

Average Size70 Square Meters

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Water Bungalow

Take a dip in the infinity pool beneath you | Ocean View

Our spectacular water bungalows are built facing out the island and gives you a direct view of both sunrise and sunset, depending on which one you make your own little haven for the duration of your stay with us.

Average Size85 Square Meters

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Platinum Beach Bungalow

Dive into undisturbed quietude | Ocean View

Located on a small private island connected to the main resort via a walkway, these 20 bungalows are designed for ultimate privacy.

Average Size70 Square Meters

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Ah you hear that, it’s the gushing waves and the swaying palm trees calling you!

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