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Beach Bungalow

Fall in love with our paradise isle

Nestled amongst the trees of the main island at this beach resort is where you will find our spacious Beach Bungalows.

Average Size70 m²

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Water Bungalow

Swoon over the ethereal beauty of the ocean

That hammock over the crystal clear lagoon at your Water Bungalow is best enjoyed with a chilled accompaniment to your chosen sunset or sunrise view.

Average Size85 m²

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Platinum Beach Bungalow

Exclusive, chic, and primed for romance

Breathe in the sea breeze on balmy tropical evenings as it passes through your room, blissfully removed from the outside world.

Average Size70 m²

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啊,你听到了,它是涌动的波浪和摇曳的棕榈树呼唤着你 !

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