Take The Plunge With Us

Dive into crystal-clear waters with visibility of the vibrant coral reefs teeming with an array of marine life. Our trusted dive centre partner, Dive & Sail, boasts a team of experienced international diving instructors ready to guide you on unforgettable underwater adventures.

Whether you're a beginner or an expert diver, you will be equipped with the finest gear to capture your underwater memories. Our partner will gear you with high-quality SeaQuest BCDs, aqualung regulators with octopus and console, Suunto dive computers, digital underwater cameras, underwater torches, 3mm neoprene suits (shorties), snorkel gear, and more per your needs.

Kenne uns.

Wir haben über vierzig Jahre Erfahrung in der Hotelbranche. Zu unsrem Repetoire gehören zwölf Hotels und Resorts in zwei landschaftlich reizvollen Ländern. Hier haben wir 2400 Sternzimmern getsaltet. Unsere starke Leidenschaft, die Industriestandards neu zu definieren, hat uns den Titel "Trendsetter" eingebracht.