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What makes us so loved?

Well, that has mostly got to do with our love for the country. The beaches, the hills, the ocean, the jungles, are our home. Our culture is rich with the remnants of past civilisations, flavourful culinary and artistic skills. All we do is take care of them, and share it with the world to cherish it as much as we do.

Sri Lanka made it to the Forbes 23 Best Places to Travel in 2023. We are proud to have 11 of our hotels and resorts located on this little island, which is considered as an essential travel destination by Forbes.


Colombo is the heartbeat of Sri Lanka. While it is the commercial capital, it is a wonderful city full of life. Among the towering skyscrapers, historical monuments, architectural landmarks, museums, parks, shopping destinations and nightlife, you will find people from all walks of life with smiles and stories that will make you fall in love with our little island.

Our resorts are located across the island offering you the best of Sri Lanka.


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Frequently Asked Question's

Booking and Benefits

Do you have any benefits provided for bookings through cinnamonhotels.com?

Yes, we have a selection of Book Direct Benefits for you to choose from. For details, visit: Cinnamon Book Direct | Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts.

Traveling around

How do you get about within the city?

Three-wheelers (Tuk Tuks), Uber, PickMe app, buses, and trains are common modes of transportation in Colombo.

What currency do I need to carry?

The Sri Lankan Rupee is used at most establishments. Money exchange facilities are available, and credit/debit cards are widely accepted.

Activities and Destinations

I want to experience both wildlife and the beaches. What activities are available?

Our assortment of resorts offers a variety of experiences, from relaxing on Bentota beach to enjoying a safari ride in Yala National Park.

I want to experience other locales apart from Down South. Where can I go?

Venture towards Habarana, Kandy, or Trincomalee for rich wildlife, cultural experiences, and stunning beaches.


What is the best time for snorkeling?

The best time is between March and September.

Is it possible to book a tour on arrival?

Yes, but it depends on the type of excursions and seasonality.

Wildlife and Nature

What are the unique safari locations in Sri Lanka?

Yala National Park, Bundala National Park, Udawattakele National Park, and more.

What are the different types of safaris and tours one can enjoy in Sri Lanka?

Options include People and Landscape Photo Tour, Wildlife Safari, Leopard Photo Tours, and more.

What are the different types of wild animals in Sri Lanka?

Leopards, elephants, sloth bears, crocodiles, monkeys, blue whales, sperm whales, and dolphins.

What is the best time to see migratory birds and where?

Yala, Habarana, Kandy, and Trincomalee between October and April.

Is it possible to book a private jeep or does it have to be shared?

Jeeps can be booked for individuals or groups based on comfort.

What is the best time to visit Yala National Park?

Between June and November.

What is the best whale watching period?

Trincomalee from March to April, and Mirissa from November to April.

What is the best time to witness the great Asian Elephant Gathering?

The Gathering takes place between July and September.

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