Irresistible underwater experiences are waiting to be had!

Dive & Sail are our long-time dive centre partner, with a team of international diving instructors on hand to guide you. From beginner level to expert, you will not regret taking the plunge at Ellaidhoo Maldives by Cinnamon!

Dive & Sail provide all the equipment necessary, including SeaQuest BCDs, aqualung regulators with octopus and console, Suunto dive computers, digital underwater cameras, underwater torches, 3 mm neoprene suits (shorties), masks, snorkels and fins as well as weight belts and weights. Once you’re geared up, dive into an underwater utopia and observe marine life as it goes about its daily routine.

Key dive sites nearby:

Orimas Thila


If big fish are what you came for, Orimas Thila is your first stop. With depths ranging from 14 to 30 metres, you can expect to see soft corals, sea fans, anemones, and clownfish, as well as guitar sharks, barracuda, jack fish, rays and more.

Fish Head


Adding some extra drama to your dive, the Fish Head dive site is home to large grey reef sharks, tuna, endangered large Napoleons, and schools of barracuda. The landscape boasts some spectacular steep sides with multi-level ledges, overhangs and caves teeming with sea fans, anemones and black corals.

Fesdu Wreck


What was once a fishing trawler is now a 30-metre long sanctuary to a mass of marine life on the ocean floor, including moray eels and groupers. Explore the sponge and coral-encrusted nooks and crannies of Fesdu Wreck, and then head over to the underwater island (the thila) for even more wonders. Two dives in one!

Ellaidhoo House Reef Wreck


A wreck reserved exclusively for guests of Ellaidhoo Maldives by Cinnamon, the Ellaidhoo House Reef is just 25 metres from the beach. It has a row of caves with sea fans, whip corals, schools of bannerfish, Napoleons, stingrays and moray eels. There’s even a small wreck that serves as a popular spot for night dives.


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