Ayubowan from Sri Lanka!

As the world begins to travel again, we would like to introduce to you the proposed travel and safety measures in Sri Lanka.

We are one of 30 leading travel destinations to receive the Safe Travels Stamp from World Travel & Tourism Council and are now geared to welcome international leisure travellers with all aspects of a traveller’s visit being thoroughly evaluated and necessary safety protocols put in place.

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FAQs – Visiting Sri Lanka

Can I travel to Sri Lanka?


The reopening of the Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA) for all incoming international visitors (tourists) has been postponed with new dates yet to be determined by authorities, which is currently subject to the COVID-19 safety and precautionary concerns. Due to this, international travellers are not permitted to enter the island.

Are the airports open?


The Bandaranaike International Airport is operational for selected arrivals and departures for passengers with relevant authority.

Are hotels & resorts open in Sri Lanka?


Yes, hotels and resorts in Sri Lanka are open. All properties in Sri Lanka are following precautions and guidelines imposed by the Government authorities and the World Health Organization (WHO).This is inclusive of health and safety procedures. However, hotels and resorts within government-imposed curfew areas may not be in operation in adherence to current regulations.

What safety measures are imposed at public places?


General precautions such as use of hand sanitizer, provision for washing hands, disinfection of footwear, etc. are available before entering buildings. On pavements/ sidewalks, commuters are encouraged to maintain the required physical distance and wear a face mask.

Are restaurants open in Sri Lanka?


Restaurants are functional with approved health and safety precautions, which include the use of hand sanitizer, provision for washing hands, disinfection of footwear before entering the premise etc. Additionally, all service staff will be wearing masks and gloves when servicing customers. However, restaurants located within government-imposed curfew areas may have restrictive operational measures.

How is physical distancing managed at a restaurant?


Seating is arranged for two guests per table, with adequate physical distance between tables. The exception is for families with young children where the family would sit together.

Are bars and pubs open in Sri Lanka?


Bars and pubs are largely functional at lower capacity with necessary health and safety precautions. However, bars and pubs located within government-imposed curfew areas may have restrictive operational measures.

Are tourist sites open in Sri Lanka?


All tourist sites are open for domestic travellers and foreigners residing in Sri Lanka at the current time. Varied safety protocols and measures in place to ensure the wellbeing of all travellers. However, this may vary subject to curfew imposed by the government as a means of heightening safety precautions.

Are shopping malls open in Sri Lanka?


Shopping malls and retail stores are open with precautionary safety measures. However, shopping malls located within government-imposed curfew areas may have restrictive operational measures.

Where can I purchase face masks and other personal protective equipment (PPE) if necessary?


Face masks and PPE are available in pharmacies and supermarkets.

Am I required to wear a face mask at all times?


It is mandatory to wear a face mask when in public while maintaining physical distance.

Who do I contact if I have any symptoms?


The symptoms of COVID-19 are fever, cough, sore throat and difficulty in breathing. However, having these symptoms doesn’t mean you have contracted the illness. Should the situation worsen, it is recommended to contact the emergency hotline 1390.

For additional information, please visit https://hpb.health.gov.lk/en/covid-19 OR https://www.lk.undp.org/content/srilanka/en/home/coronavirus.html

Who do I contact if I see any safety measures not being followed?


If a breach in the quarantine process/regulations is seen please call 113.

  • Ambulance service - 1990
  • National Hospital of Sri Lanka, Colombo - 011-2691111
  • Police Emergency Call Center – 119
  • Disaster Unit – Ministry of Health – 011-3071073
  • Tourism Police – 011-2421052
  • Health Promotion Bureau – 1999
  • National Emergency Operation Center - 117
  • Emergency Hotline For Pregnant Mothers – 071-0301225
  • 24-hour Hotline for Women – 071-0301225


For any and all additional information please refer https://hpb.health.gov.lk/en/covid-19


Proposed safety measures when Sri Lanka reopens borders for international visitors (tourists)*

Do I need a visa to travel to Sri Lanka now?


The “Visa Free” status and the issuance of “On Arrival” visas are suspended until further notice. All international visitors (tourists) entering Sri Lanka are required to obtain online tourist visas before arrival. An online tourist visa fee of USD 100 (35+65=100) will be applicable until further notice (this is inclusive of the cost for 3 PCR tests.) *

Online visa can be applied by visiting
https://www.eta.gov.lk/slvisa/visainfo/center.jsp?locale=en_US# once the portal is open for international leisure travelers
The following documents are mandatory for processing online tourist visa;

  • A valid travel insurance with health and hospitalization coverage for the entire duration of stay.
  • A valid return air ticket.
  • Travel itinerary and details of confirmed reservations made at SLTDA registered and ‘Safe & Secure’ certified accommodation establishments, with the first night stay at a facility in and around Colombo/ Negombo or Hambantota depending on the arrival airport.


Do I need to show my medical history before travelling to Sri Lanka?


Every arriving passenger should submit a completed Health Declaration Form (HDF is available at the airport) to health counters at the airport; The PHIs will scrutinize HDFs and passengers for COVID-19 symptoms and tourists with high risk conditions will be referred to the Airport Health Officer for further action.

What are the airlines that operate flights to Sri Lanka right now?


All airlines are permitted to operate flights to Sri Lanka. The list of airlines who were in operation are mentioned below, National carrier SriLankan Airlines, Qatar Airways, Emirates and Turkish Airlines operate continue to operate on specific routes based on the necessity. SriLankan Airlines (National carrier), Emirates, Malaysian Airlines, Japan Airlines, Qatar Airways, Jet Airways, Gulf Air, Etihad Airways, Qantas, Ukraine International , Turkish Airlines, Thai Airways, China Eastern, Singapore Airlines, Air India, China Southern, Cathay Pacific, Saudia , Korean Air, Oman Air , Kuwait Airways and Air China.

What safety measures are imposed by airlines when travelling?


Most Airlines will check travelers for valid visas and negative PCR test reports before allowing them to board the flight. Please visit www.iata.org/ for more details.

What are the safety measures in place at the airport?


All tourists should undergo a PCR test upon arrival at the airport. A repeat PCR test to be conducted 5-7 days after the arrival or if the guest develops respiratory symptoms, whichever comes first. For tourists staying longer than 10 days, another PCR test will be carried out between 10-12 days after the arrival in Sri Lanka.

If any tourist is tested positive for COVID-19, he/she will be sent to a hospital or a quarantine hotel and will be charged at the rate of USD 100 per night.

The accommodation establishments/hotels, travel agents or tour operators booked by respective travelers are responsible for arranging safe transportation of tourists within the country.

Do I need to be in quarantine?


All arriving travellers must be quarantined for 14 days and then self-quarantined for 14 days thereafter. Additionally, arriving travellers should undergo temperature screening through thermal scanners. Temperature recordings of 37.4oC (99.3oF) or above, should be immediately referred to the airport health office of the Quarantine Unit for further examination and necessary action

What are the transport options available for tourist visits within the country


The booked in accommodation establishments/hotels, travel agents or tour operators are responsible for arranging safe transportation of tourists within the country; therefore, it is their duty to ensure the vehicles used for tourists’ transportation are cleared for required health and safety standards.

Cars, vans or any other vehicles transporting tourists should adhere to Ministry of Health recommended guidelines and ensure the number of passengers inside a vehicle is limited to maintain the recommended safe distancing between seated passengers; this condition may be relaxed, if one family is traveling together.

Tourists should sanitize hands and disinfectant footwear prior to boarding a vehicle and wearing of face masks is compulsory during the journey. The vehicle driver/pick up personnel should always wear face masks and maintain a safe physical distance of 1.5 meter, including greeting and handling of luggage.

Use of public transport is not allowed at this stage for tourists.

*The process is subject to change by the discretion of the relevant authorities

How can I make arrangements for a tour?


You can arrange personalized and pre-arranged tours by contacting any tour operator in your country, travel agents or any online travel agent. They will provide you with all the details and arrangements for hotel bookings, transport, excursions and other necessities to ensure a comfortable stay. You may refer a list of approved travel agents in the link below -

*The process is subject to change by the discretion of the relevant authorities.

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