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Based in Colombo 3, Cinnamon Red Colombo houses some of the best evening vistas and sunrises from its vibrant rooftop. It is located at the heart of Colombo with close proximity to the entertainment hotspots and luxurious shopping malls of Colombo. Cinnamon Red Colombo is Sri Lanka’s first ever lean luxury hotel and promotes convenient and comfortable stays in the city. It is one of those hotels that is great all year round as the city lights never die.

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How great does a Gymnasium with Colombo’s greatest views sound? Motivating isn’t it. Powered is our carefully designed gym as we are deeply concerned of your wellbeing and fitness. Our advanced equipment including state of the art treadmills will have you jogging your way to the horizon during Colombo’s picturesque eventide.

Where: Powered – Cinnamon Red, Colombo

Red Rave Art Walk

We believe in inspiring from the moment you step into our hotel. Which is why our car park is not like your ordinary hotel, the vibrant artwork of the Red Rave Art Walk is one that stimulates passion and enthusiasm to our guests. The young artists who are responsible for the murals are all extremely striking individuals, whose work, has and will continue to inspire all.

Where: Cinnamon Red Colombo

Should you need any more information about this experience, please reach out to our concierge.

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