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As the world begins to travel again, we would like to introduce to you the proposed travel and safety measures in Sri Lanka.

We are one of 30 leading travel destinations to receive the Safe Travels Stamp from World Travel & Tourism Council and are now geared to welcome international leisure travellers with all aspects of a traveller’s visit being thoroughly evaluated and necessary safety protocols put in place.


We are happy to announce that Cinnamon Hotels and Resorts is one of the first Sri Lankan Hotel chains to receive the ‘Safe & Secure’ compliance certification awarded by the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority (SLTDA). This certification ensures that all our properties have successfully implemented the COVID-19 operational guidelines and health protocols introduced by the said organization.
Certification details can be viewed in full detail here

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Our commitment towards our guests and team members

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Proposed safety measures when Sri Lanka reopens borders for international visitors (tourists)*

Are the airports open in Sri Lanka?

Yes, the airports opened for International travel on the 21st of January 2021. 


Is there a mandatory minimum stay required when visiting Sri Lanka?


No, there are no minimum stay restrictions when visiting Sri Lanka

Is there a 14-day quarantine requirement?


No, there is no 14-day quarantine requirement.

How do I apply for a visa?


All visas must be applied online via the Immigration ETA portal. Before you apply for your visa, you need to have a confirmed hotel booking, pre-purchased PCR tests and a mandatory COVID-19 Insurance Cover throughout your ‘Safe and Secure Level 1’ hotel stay when making your booking. The hotel will issue a reference number which you need to include in your visa form under the section ‘contact details’ and you will be requested to mention an ‘address in Sri Lanka’ under which you need to indicate your hotel name, address and the reference number issued. 

Dual citizenship holders do not need to obtain an ETA Visa. They are only required to obtain the hotel confirmation, COVID-19 Insurance cover and the pre-purchased PCR test.

For further information please reach out to our Cinnamon Care Hotline +94 0112 161 161 for assistance!

Are all tourists allowed to enter Sri Lanka?


Tourists from all countries are welcome unless otherwise specified. Email us on [email protected] for further information on this.

Do I need a COVID-19 insurance cover?


Yes, you will need to pay USD 12 for a 1-month insurance cover of USD 50,000 offered by People's Insurance PLC and it is a mandatory requirement when applying for your visa. Visit www.srilanka.travel/helloagain for more information.

What is the cost of the USD 50,000 Insurance cover for one month?


USD 12

How can I apply for the mandatory COVID-19 insurance cover?


Visit www.srilanka.travel/helloagain for more information and the site will direct you to the payment gateway. Going forward, this payment will be facilitated through the tourism mobile app ‘Visit Sri Lanka’. The cost of the insurance cover can also be paid directly to the hotel when making the reservation at your preferred Level 1 hotel. 

Do I need a COVID-19 insurance cover if I stay beyond 30 days?


Yes. You need to initially pay USD 12 for a 30-day COVID-19 insurance cover of USD 50,000 which is a mandatory requirement. However, if your stay exceeds 30 days, you should extend your insurance cover and to do so, please call 1912.

Should I provide a Health Declaration Form?


Yes. The completed Health Declaration Form (HDF) should be submitted to the Health Counters at the airport on arrival. These HDFs will be given to you prior to boarding/ on the flight or upon arrival. It can also be downloaded from www.srilanka.travel/helloagain.

Do I still need to follow the safety protocols if I am already vaccinated?


Yes, there will be no exceptions made for individuals who have been vaccinated; all the safety protocols should be adhered to.

Do I still need to do the PCR tests at the hotel, if I am already vaccinated?


Yes, currently no exceptions would be made for vaccinations taken; all the safety protocols should be adhered to.

Where can I find the list of ‘Safe & Secure’ certified hotels?


Cinnamon Bey Beruwala and Cinnamon Bentota Beach are certified "Safe & Secure" level 1 hotels.

Please visit https://www.cinnamonhotels.com/cinnamonbeyberuwala and https://www.cinnamonhotels.com/cinnamonbentotabeach for more information.

What is a ‘Safe & Secure' Certified hotel?


These are the hotels or accommodations that comply with the COVID-19 Health Protocols and the Tourism Operational Guidelines. The hotels have been subjected to an audit by an independent firm and will be assessed continuously. The ‘Safe & Secure’ certificate is issued with a QR code unique to each certified hotel. By scanning the QR code using a smartphone, visitors can not only check the key information of the certified hotel, but also immediately report to the Sri Lanka Tourism regarding any violations related to the guideline procedures with an image evidence. Sri Lanka Tourism believes this certification will serve as a mark of trust, safety, and assurance for all international guests. Hotels with the certification are encouraged to display the certificate with the QR code that can be easily accessed by all guests.

What is a Level 1 Certified hotel?


From all the ‘Safe & Secure’ certified hotels, these are the accommodation service providers who will provide accommodation services exclusively for international tourists during the first 14 days of their stay. The level 1 hotels cannot accept bookings from locals and are not allowed to hold any events or banquet functions for the locals.

Am I allowed to use all the hotel facilities?


Yes, visitors can use the hotel facilities such as the gym, swimming pool, etc. However, the Spa is currently not in operation.

Am I allowed to change hotels?



Yes, in the first 14 days of your stay, you can change hotels if they are ‘Safe & Secure’ certified Level 1 hotels. After 14 days, you can move to any hotel despite the fact that they are level 1 Safe and Secure Certified or not.

Can I visit tourist attractions and sites in Sri Lanka?


Yes, tourists can visit up to 14 approved tourist sites under the safety of a bio bubble. Visit srilanka.travel/helloagain for more details.

Can I visit other places on my own after 14 days?


Yes. You can move within the local community after 14 days.

Can I use Public Transportations during my visit?


In the initial 14 days you will not be permitted to use public transportation and even thereafter, the use of Public Transportation is not encouraged.

Do I need to pre-purchase PCR tests before I arrive?


Yes, all travellers need to pre-purchase PCR tests depending on the length of their stay and this is a mandatory requirement for the visa process as well. Children visiting Sri Lanka who are below 12 years of age, under the tourism route will be exempted from PCR testing. However, if the child shows symptoms or is a first contact of a COVID-19 positive patient, they will be required to undergo a PCR test.

The first PCR test will be conducted upon arrival at your hotel; prior to check-in. If your stay is between 5-14 days, a second PCR test will be conducted 5-7 days later or within the mentioned period if any symptoms are observed. If your stay exceeds 14 days, you will need to undergo a third PCR test which will be conducted between 10-14 days. Each PCR test is priced at USD 40. 

From where can I get my PCR tests done after arrival?


It will be arranged by your Level 1 ‘Safe and Secure’ certified hotel and the tests will be carried out by a private sector laboratory approved by the Ministry of Health.

Where am I allowed to do my PCR test prior to arrival?


Travelers should undergo a PCR test from an accredited laboratory and obtain a negative result within 96 hours before boarding their flight. This is a mandatory requirement and should be re-confirmed with the relevant airline.

Will there be a dedicated medical officer for each Hotel?


Yes, there will be an appointed medical officer in each of the ‘Safe and Secure’ certified hotels including the Level 1 hotels.

What happens if someone is tested positive for COVID-19 with symptoms?


The level 1 ‘Safe & Secure’ certified hotel in consultation with the hotel doctor/local health authorities will admit the patient to a Private Hospital approved by the Ministry of Health and the COVID-19 Insurance cover will compensate the hospital charges including the ambulance transfer fees up to $ 50,000 for a month.

What happens if someone is COVID-19 positive and Non-symptomatic?


Non-symptomatic COVID-19 positive patients will be quarantined in an isolated area in the same hotel under strict supervision of the hotel doctor and local health authorities. In case there is a requirement to transfer them to a private hospital at any stage, the COVID-19 Insurance cover will compensate the hospital charges including the ambulance transfer fees up to $ 50,000 for a month.

What happens to the close contacts and exposed guests in case someone is tested positive for COVID-19?


They will be kept under quarantine in an isolated area in the same hotel under the strict supervision and administration of the hotel doctor and local health authorities. However, based on the decision of the hotel doctor/local health authorities, if they are sent to a quarantine hotel/center or a pre-arranged Private Hospital, the COVID-19 Insurance will compensate the relevant charges including the ambulance transfer fees of up to $ 50,000 for a month.

What if I get sick / ill other than COVID – 19?


The medical officer at your hotel will decide what to do accordingly. The cost of the treatment/s should be covered via the patient’s own personal medical insurance. This will NOT be covered by the COVID-19 insurance cover.

Can I meet the local community within 14 days, if my PCR is negative?


No, during the initial 14 days of your stay, you are not permitted to mix with the community. However, we will create a bio-bubble for you to visit multiple sites in Sri Lanka which will protect you, as well as the community whilst ensuring that you have a great time. Please ensure not to break the bubble since you will be allowed to mix with the local community after 14 days.

Are any locals allowed to enter the Level 1 ‘Safe & Secure’ certified Hotels?


Hotel guests will not be allowed to entertain locals nor have any functions that encourage the same during the 14-day period since the Level 1 certified ‘Safe & Secure’ hotel functions exclusively for international tourists.

Can the hotel staff leave the hotel at any time?


No, all staff interacting with the international guests will not be allowed to go out of the hotel staff accommodation until the 14 days quarantine and a PCR/antigen test as decided by the hotel doctor is completed.

Is there a Risk Assessment for the Hotel Staff?


Yes, all staff will be subjected to proper risk assessment under the guidance of the hotel doctor and the area Medical Officer of Health.

Should the Hotel staff be screened for COVID-19?


Yes, the staff will be screened for COVID-19 at regular intervals, as per the existing Occupational Health Guidelines published by the Ministry of Health.

Should the people accompanying the tourists undergo quarantine?


All personnel accompanying the tourists; including tour guides, safari jeep drivers, bus drivers, other drivers, assistants, and translators, unless attending in full PPE, should undergo a 14-day quarantine under the supervision of the local health authority, with the inclusion of a PCR testing.

Where can I get information about the latest health and safety guidelines of Sri Lanka?


Visit www.srilanka.travel/helloagain. You will find all the information you need to plan your visit to Sri Lanka. The health and safety guidelines are published by the Ministry of Health and they will be regularly reviewed and updated.

Always ensure to refer to the latest version of the health and safety guidelines.

Can dual citizens follow the tourism route?

Dual Citizens, spouses of foreign nationals and paid commercial passengers with foreign passports are allowed under the tourism route with no quarantine whilst adhering to the guidelines and protocols in place.


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We are proud to have 11 of our hotels and resorts located on this little island that is considered as an essential travel destination by Escape Magazine and CNN.

Sri Lanka has been named the best island in the world to visit by Escape Magazine. 
Source: https://www.escape.com.au/news/its-back-this-island-is-world-no1-again/image-gallery/012b53fdc590551a6936f5e01d4b7ffe

Sri Lanka made it to the CNN Travel 2020 List of Places to Travel to. 
Source - https://edition.cnn.com/travel/article/places-to-visit-2020/index.html